Sarah King Home Print

Growing up in a Lincolnshire village as a butchers daughter Sarah experienced a great sense of freedom and love for the countryside. Now she tells her own children  stories about her days spent sledging down the hills in the Wolds and walking in the woods all day. When she closes her eyes and listens to Vaughan Williams she's instantly back there. 

Her musical influences stem from early childhood, connected intrinsically to family times. Sunday singalong’s gathered around the piano singing hits from The Beatles, Diana Ross, The Carpenters, Abba and Kate Bush. Classical music took centre stage, immersed in a musical world from Byrd to Elgar Sarah found her voice at a young age singing motets and madrigals. 

She was raised in a creative and artistic family where senses were nurtured and dreams were encouraged cultivating an interest of exploration and sense of worldliness. Her inspirational father taught her the piano from the age of 5 and she began playing the violin at 9. As a young teenager she was awarded a bursary to study at the Royal College of Music, London which flowed onto further classical and baroque study at York University.

The Butchers daughter became a Fishermans wife. She fell in love with the Australian landscape, coast-line and sense of abundant freedom. It’s where Sarah raises her family and lives her musical dream, worlds away from the Lincolnshire Wolds but as she walks on the beaches and hikes in the hills she connects with the landscape as she did as a child.

A romantic day dreamer, lover of Bach and Debussy Sarah is an avid listener of records and radio, she still rummages in the Op Shops, dances to Stevie Wonder and swoons to Nina Simone. She takes her family on road trips and it's their turn to sing along to the latest hits. She listens to the church bells ring reminiscent of the English village she grew up in, her first home. The circle of life.