Sarah is a dedicated, passionate teacher with a special interest in Primary String Education.  Every lesson is individually tailored to suit each student, their personalities, their goals and needs.  She sources and applies a variety of methods to engage, educate and above all inspire her students with over 15 years of teaching experience.

My 8 year-old has benefited so much from Sarah’s musical expertise and experience while learning violin with her over the last 3 years. Sarah has a natural rapport with my daughter, and through gentle encouragement, enables her to feel comfortable and confident during her lessons. The violin can be a tricky instrument to learn, but because Sarah is always positive and relaxed as a teacher, my daughter has successfully extended and progressed her technical knowledge in a way that has never been too overwhelming for her. My daughter loves her weekly lessons with Sarah; in her words, Sarah is ‘kind, and gentle, and teaches me lots of new things in a fun way.

Sarah has developed, coordinated, tutored and directed numerous Primary String Programs and Ensembles.  Her aim is to engage musically and personally with her students using creative warm ups, rehearsal techniques and demonstrations.  Historical awareness, style and Orchestral techniques and disciplines are introduced from an early age.  

""Junior String Programs and Ensembles are a thoroughly surprising and rewarding experience.  Children find such joy and seek out their individual strengths as many of them experience making music for the first time. The benefits that young children gain making music as a group is so rewarding. For many it is a stage where their musical journey can officially begin as their music making becomes a social experience, a musical learning hub so to speak."     

Marcus Strings SA Music Camp 2016 - “Sarah is skilled, experienced and hard working, yet with a lovely demeanour and a gentle care for the young musicians. Thank you for all you have done, best wishes and good luck” - Peter Webb OAM, Director State Music Camp
Marcus Strings - SA Music Camp 2016

Marcus Strings - SA Music Camp 2016

“Sarah is a caring, diligent professional who inspires others through her example. Her skills as an ensemble director are excellent. She selects engaging repertoire that serves to extend and challenge her students. She is a highly valued member of our Staff.”

Caroline Pomeroy, Head of Music - Wilderness School, SA

As an integral part of string education Chamber Music is a valuable opportunity and can be a defining role in a students musical journey.  It can kindle a desire to dig a little deeper, a yearning to learn and the aspiration to achieve.  Sarah's Chamber Music coaching techniques encompass and encourage students to expand their skill sets which include, score reading, sight reading skills, phrasing, blending, tonality, improvisation and experimentation. 

"My goal is to extend my students musically and assist them in acquiring their own skill set to become independent music makers, confident in creating and demonstrating their own sense of musicianship, style and awareness."